SOUND SATSANG with Jonathan Goldman   

sound satsang

June 21, 2022 7:00 pm PT   Join Healing Sounds Pioneer Jonathan Goldman on this Summer Solstice for a special “Sound Satsang

presented by the Sound Healers Association, Healing Sounds & Humanity’s Team  
This is the first of a series of monthly presentations which will feature: . Teachings on The 4 Pillars of Sound Healing Summer Solstice Astrological OverviewAn extended group Guided Global Om Experience for personal and planetary healing Live Question & Answer   

This first Sound Satsang will focus on the energies of the Summer Solstice and include an astrological assessment by Andi Goldman.    
on June 21st at 7 pm Pacific Time on Zoom   Attendance to this special Zoom event is FREE — But space is limited.   Click Here to Join

We are living in extraordinary times. There are frequency shifts occurring on both personal and planetary levels. We can learn to use our own sounds to consciously affect our own vibratory pattern and align with these energies for health & transformation.”  Jonathan Goldman

SOLSTICE BLESSINGS OF LOVE & LIGHT THROUGH SOUND!   Remember: We heal the planet, we heal ourselves. We heal ourselves and we heal the planet.   MAY HEALING SOUNDS SURROUND THE EARTH   Harmonically Yours, Jonathan Goldman  
Click Here to Join the Sound Satsang – 7 pm Pacific – Tuesday, June 21     ‌
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email: info@healingsounds.com 
web: www.healingsounds.com 
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